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Partners in Construction

GCN knows the most important part of the construction business lies in the value of working relationships. GCN applies a collaborative approach to construction. As a general contractor, GCN adds value for clients and business partners by working to reduce costs, tighten schedules, and provide safe worksites. We transform contractual agreements into a cohesive relationship with a single set of mutual goals.

Benefits for Clients

Strong relationships lie at the heart of GCN's business. GCN builds and maintains those relationships through open and transparent communication when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, and planning, throughout the life cycle of a project.

Communication is key on every project. During construction, GCN’s commitment to client service continues from initial planning to post-construction. Our experienced project managers will provide you with a single point of contact and guide you through the project delivery. GCN is your northern construction resource with extensive knowledge of sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective construction practices. With our extensive experiences, we can help you with procurement, logistics and legislative compliance. Regardless of project scale, we are happy to meet your needs.

Benefits for Subcontractors

GCN prides itself on understanding your business and your needs. GCN works closely with subcontractors at the earliest stages of the project to understand how you intend to perform the work and what you need from us to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the project. We use this information to develop a coordinated plan with a clear scope and schedule. It is important to us that you understand our business and our needs. We focus on communication and a mutual understanding of expectations as a means of achieving project success. We have an established safety program and Code of Ethics that our organization and our workers follow. 

Benefits for Suppliers

As a key stakeholder on any construction project, GCN makes it a point to understand supplier needs. We are happy to work with suppliers so that they understand the unique needs of our business. Our procurement practices simplify the process of materials acquisition. In addition we can tailor our processes to integrate with yours.   

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